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Demolition and Reconstruction:
On a  drain field repair, the drain field is completely ruined for the exception of the septic tank in most cases everything else needs to be replaced.

CleanEarth Environmental Has found that not all drain field failures are caused from a bad septic tank or drain field. This is why it is very important to have an experience septic tank contractor inspect your septic system.

Solving Septic System Problems With Technology

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This is the second Drain Field  Replacement in two years. This is a very expensive Construction Cost to the home owner. Beware Septic System Owner's. Don't jump at the cheapest price, Read your contract, ask your septic specialist if you have any options.. Educate your self on the septic system the Internet is a grate tool use it and last but not least. You want your job done right the first time and pay for one septic system once, not twice.

CleanEarth Environmental is dedicated to Solving Septic System Problems

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